Mid West Sportshouse

Providing support for Mid West clubs, associations & sporting organisations

Hosted by the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries, Mid West Sportshouse is a vibrant working space that houses representatives from many Regional Sport Associations and other agencies.

ATLAS - Access To Leisure and Sport (for people with disabilities)

ATLAS is a program that supports the development of inclusive sport and recreation environments for people with disabilities including the Leisure Buddy program and wheelchair basketball

Chris KerrOperations ManagerMob: 0428 212 329chris.kerr@sportshouse.net.au
Jan Wetters Project OfficerMob: 0408 945 880jan.wetters@sportshouse.net.au

Cricket - WACA - Cricket Officer

The Cricket RDO is employed by the WACA to develop cricket between Moora and Carnarvon. The program involves school clinics and carnivals, assists with coaching and training sessions as well as coaching development squads. The program aims to develop new initiatives to try and grow the game of cricket within the region at both junior and senior level.

Ryan Hosking Regional Development OfficerPh: 9956 2163Mob: 0429 107 963ryan.hosking@waca.com.au

Football - Mid West Gascoyne Murchison Regional Football Development Council

The MGMRFDC is the link between the WA Football Commission and the Mid West and Gascoyne regions.  The MGMRFDC employs a full time Regional Development Manager  to 'grow the game' in the Mid West, Gascoyne and Murchison Regions. through promotion and development of all aspects of Australian Rules Football.

Grady TomeltyRegional Development ManagerPh: 9956 2183Mob: 0429 914 220gtomelty@wafc.com.au

Football West Mid West - Soccer

Football West Midwest is the Midwest Office of Football West.  Football West Midwest provides administrative and development support for the sport of Football in the Midwest – Gascoyne Region in association with the Midwest Soccer Association, the Geraldton Junior Soccer Association, Football Referees Geraldton Branch and the Carnarvon Soccer Association.

Tanya AmazziniDevelopment OfficerPh: 9956 2189Mob: 0417 070 971tanya.amazzini@sportshouse.net.au

Great Northern Football League - GNFL

GNFL is the controlling body of Australian Rules Football in Geraldton and strives to improve the participation in the game for the general health and fitness of people in the area.

Alex BunneyOperations ManagerPh: 9956 2186gnfl@sportshouse.net.au

Mid West Academy of Sport (MWAS)

The mission of MWAS is to provide an exceptional home training environment for talented Mid West athletes. MWAS is open to all sports and provides athletes, coaches and officials with development, specialised services and support. MWAS primarily targets the pre-elite level and provides a stepping stone to the elite level.

Darren WinterbineExecutive OfficerPh: 9956 2181Mob: 0487 846 283mwas@sportshouse.net.au

Mid West Sports Federation (MWSF)

The Mid West Sports Federation (MWSF) is a non-profit community organisation acting on behalf of all sport and recreation groups in the Mid West region of Western Australia.

Flagship programs include the annual Mid West Sports Awards and Greater Geraldton Sporting Achievement Grants.

Sue PatmanProject OfficerMob: 0447 829 735mwsf@sportshouse.net.au

Geraldton Sporting Aboriginal Corporation (GSAC)

The Geraldton Sporting Aboriginal Corporation is responsible for promoting and increasing participation of Indigenous people in the Mid West in sport and recreation.  Also supports all Indigenous Athletes on a local, State, National and International level and provide a consultancy service for Indigenous issues

Adrian BartlettProject OfficerPh: 9956 2188gsac@sportshouse.net.au

Hockey -  Geraldton Hockey Association

Hockey is played from April to September, 7 days of the week and caters for both males and females covering ages from 5 to approx 60 years.  A summer social comp is also held for 6 weeks during February & March.  The Regional Development Officer program involves school clinics, assisting with coaching and training sessions as well as coaching development squads and Geraldton representative teams.  This program aims to develop new initiatives to promote hockey within the region at both junior and senior level.

Alison CooperOperations ManagerPh: 9956 2185Mob: 0408 544 610 mw.hockey@sportshouse.net.au

Netball WA - Midwest Gascoyne

Netball WA - Midwest Gascoyne develops netball players, officials and coaches in Associations that are affiliated to Netball WA.  Also provides opportunities for players, officials and coaches to achieve their goals at State and National levels.

Leanne FiorenzaRegional Development OfficerPh: 9956 2184 mw.development@netballwa.com.au
Janniel HarrisAdministratorPh: 9956 2162Mob: 0427 912 685mw.membership@netballwa.com.au

Tennis - Tennis West Mid West Zone

Tennis West Mid West Zone, through the regional development officer provides tennis coaching throughout the Mid West.  As well as co-ordinating competition in the region, the Zone provides a voice to the clubs as well as a means to disseminate information the broader tennis community.

Colin ThompsonRegional Development OfficerPh: 9956 2182Mob: 0427 449 240MW.Tennis@sportshouse.net.au
Janniel HarrisZone SecretaryPh: 9956 2162Mob: 0427 912 685midwest.tennis@westnet.com.au