CROTHERS CONSTRUCTION – Senior Sports Star of the Year

An annual award for persons aged 18yrs and over (during the judging year), based on the level of achievement and contribution to the sport/s (eg. coaching, officiating, administration etc) during the judging period (1 Oct 2022 to 30 Sept 2023).

Will take into consideration the highest level of achievement (eg. State Country, National etc) possible while living in the Mid West.

ACHIEVEMENTS – Must ONLY relate to the period 1/10/22 to 30/9/23

Please note: You are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible to help explain the nominee’s level of achievement. You should assume that the judges are not familiar with the nominee and be specific about their achievements within the judging period. Eg. Outline the selection process that was required (if any), how many people competed in their age group or category.