GRAEME & JANE BYLUND Club of the Year

An annual award for a club, based on their performance in developing a positive club culture, strong governance practices and hosting significant events during the judging period (1/10/21 to 30/9/22).

Takes into account any notable achievements or initiatives during this time.

Guidelines & Criteria

Eligible clubs must provide evidence to support the following criteria where applicable:


1. Incorporated sporting club

2. Based in the Mid West

3. Strong governance or management practices:

3.1 Conducts annual planning (ie. strategic, operational, financial)
3.2 Maintains and adheres to policies and procedures
3.3 Engages in club development activities (eg. workshops, online courses)

4. Vibrant and positive club culture:

4.1 Welcoming and inclusive environment
4.2 Communicates and adheres to codes of conduct/behaviour
4.3 Positive game day behaviours
4.4 Responsible alcohol and drug management practices
4.5 Strong volunteer recruitment and retention



5. Hosts successful event/s that attract visitors to the region

6. Other significant achievements or initiatives


  • All nominations must be endorsed by a club/association committee member.
  • ALL nominations must be from a club/association who are a current member of MWSF.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 8 MB.

    This will be used for promotional purposes such as local newspaper and presentation on the awards night.

    * Files should be no larger than 8mb in size.

  • Please tell us your story... what sets your club apart from the rest? Have you got an exciting new initiative that you would like to share with us?

  • Describe the ways in which the club provides a welcoming and inclusive environment. Have you employed any initiatives that create positive game day behaviours (eg. addressing poor sideline behaviour, respect for officials etc).
  • Does the club have codes of conduct in place (eg. for committee, players, members, coaches etc)? How are the codes of conduct communicated to club members? Give examples of their effective application.
  • Does the club have policies in place to manage the use of alcohol and drugs? If so, how are these policies/procedures communicated to members and applied where needed? Please provide evidence where possible.
  • Does the club have a Volunteer Management Plan? How does the club recruit, retain and reward volunteers? Give examples where possible.

  • What annual planning does the club conduct (eg. Strategic Plan, Operational Plan, Financial Plan)? Please provide evidence where possible.
  • Give examples of the policies/procedures that the club has developed and the ways in which they are adhered to (eg. Member Protection, Social Media, Conflict of Interest, Alcohol/Drugs in Sport).
  • What club development activities did the club/committee participate in during the judging period (eg. workshops, seminars, online training)?
  • Did your club host an event during the judging period that attracted visitors to the region? If so, we would love to know about it (eg. how many people did it attract, where/when was it held, is it an annual event, what were some of the highlights, what were some of the challenges you had to overcome?).
  • Is there anything further that you would like to share?