About us

Established in 1978, the Mid West Sports Federation (MWSF) is primarily a non-profit organisation acting on behalf of all sport and active recreation groups in the Mid West region of WA.


VISION: The Mid West leads Regional WA in sport and recreation

MISSION: To create vibrant sport and active recreation in the Mid West



  • Independence; we independently advocate for sport and recreation
  • Inclusiveness; we lead through behaviours which demonstrate and support active inclusion, empathy and respect
  • Capacity Building; through developing networks and sharing information we strive to improve the capacity of all sport
  • Integrity; we act with integrity at all times
  • Collaboration; we proactively work with one another, allowing us to pool knowledge & resources for mutually beneficial outcomes


The membership of MWSF is open to all community based sporting and recreation groups in the Mid West region of WA and to individuals with an interest in sport and recreation.

The committee of MWSF is elected at the Annual General Meeting from nominated representatives of members.

MWSF currently operates  out of the Mid West Sports House, with daily operations managed by Project Officer – Sue Patman.


2019/20 MWSF Board of Management

Mr Mike Bowley


Ms Heather Brett


Mr Zane D'Mello

Zane D'Mello (4)

Mrs Sue Douglas


Mr Peter Fiorenza

Peter Fiorenza

Mr Adam Murszewski


Mr Richard Malacari

Representing DLGSC

Mr Cam McLay

file3-2 (4) resized

Cr Jerry Clune

Representing CGG

Mr Peter Ortmueller