2018/19 MWSF Annual General Meeting

2018/19 AGM

The Mid West Sports Federation invites you to attend their Annual General Meeting.


When: 5pm Wednesday 30 October 2019

Where: Mid West Sports House, 268-270 Foreshore Drive Geraldton

RSVP: to Sue Patman at MWSF on mwsf@sportshouse.net.au or 9956 2178 as soon as possible


Call for Board nominations:

At the AGM, the MWSF will be seeking to fill six (6) vacancies on their Board of Management. This exciting opportunity would be well suited to community-minded individuals with a demonstrated ability to work cooperatively to achieve agreed strategic outcomes in support of the entire Mid West sporting community.


MWSF Key Strategic Pillars:

PROMOTE           Promoting the value and benefits of sport and active recreation

STRENGTHEN     Strengthening the capacity of the sport and recreation industry

ADVOCATE         Representing sport and active recreation in the Mid West

BUILD                   Building the profile, capability and sustainability of MWSF

INNOVATE          Creating a vibrant environment in which innovation can occur


Have we captured your attention? You can learn more about MWSF by viewing the CONSTITUTION and STRATEGIC PLAN .


Role of the MWSF Board of Management:

The primary role of a Board Member is one of trusteeship on behalf of its members and stakeholders, ensuring that MWSF remains viable and effective in the present and the future. The Board of Management should:

  1. Determine the organisation’s strategic direction, core values and ethical framework.
  2. Approve, monitor and review the financial and non-financial performance of the organisation.
  3. Ensure policies on key issues are in place, are appropriate and can be applied effectively.
  4. Ensure financial and non-financial risks are appropriately identified and managed.
  5. Provide an avenue for key stakeholder engagement into the strategic direction of the organisation.
  6. Ensure adherence to good governance practices in line with relevant laws, codes of conduct and appropriate standards of behaviour.


Process for Nomination:

Persons interested in nominating for a position on the MWSF Board of Management should complete the NOMINATION FORM and return by email to mwsf@sportshouse.net.au by 20 October 2019.


All nominations must be endorsed by a MWSF member organisation.


Please contact Sue Patman at MWSF on 9956 2178 for further information.